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As a camping enthusiast, my favorite thing is to chat with friends by the campfire or sit with my girlfriend and watch the stars outside the tent. I gave her this on my girlfriend's birthday, she was so excited, she said it was the best birthday gift she received.

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Lori P.

First time trying something like this on my phone and I have to say this mini telescope is amazing😍 Now I love taking lots of photos. The X300 zoom works great, you will see anything you want!" The package came with all needed stuff and it’s well made...

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James K.

At first I bought it just as a toy for my son. What surprised me was that it was even better than my Nikon COOLPIX P1000, which was worth $1,000. I can't believe it, it's crazy!

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Andrew L.

I can't believe that such a small telescope can do this, but I'm sure that what I see in the night sky is similar to a planet. I ordered 5 sets more for my friends.

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Mike P.

Good compact telescope. handy for watching birds. highly recommended telescope, thank you so much!

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Alison M.

The telescope is very standard one lens type. It can zoom to 300 times fine. The lens is kind of small but it works with the stand and the tripod well. The image on the phone can be seen clearly, just a little bit small. Highly recommended product!

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Alan J.
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